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Our goal is to point and accelerate the path until you achieve your sovereignty. Explore Our Bitcoin Courses and Workshops πŸš€


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Learn bitcoin from zero to advanced, how to buy, transact and feel capable of storing bitcoin on your own.

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Studying at Area Bitcoin is different

Our courses are created in a didactic manner, so that anyone can learn about Bitcoin and how it reshapes money, businesses, and amplifies what financial freedom means.

Learning on your own can be a challenge. Having dedicated teachers helping you take each step and different formats such as articles, ebooks, quizzes, podcasts and live meetings can make the experience more exciting and complete.

Bitcoin universe is full of tools, such as calculators, nodes and wallets. Getting your hands full is an essential part of all our courses. Students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Doubts and questions may arise along the way. Our support team is online 7 days a week to help you. Receive exclusive service via student email.

Earn sats while you study! Test whether you really learned the content of the classes in the quizzes. For each correct answer you earn sats in your wallet.

Learn from teachers from all over the world. Our teachers are bitcoiners and experts in their fields. From custody, to lightning and privacy, get the most up-to-date information.

Area Bitcoin is one of the largest Bitcoin schools globally and will grow even more

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